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Thank you for your interest in the Westborough Community Chorus Scholarship Program. The  chorus exists for 2 reasons: 1) WE love singing, we love the camaraderie of choral singing, we love the friends we've made and the opportunity to learn new things. 2) WE want to share that with students and provide an opportunity to forward your music education.

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This money scholarship is available to students attending Westborough schools or is related to a member of the Chorus.  The student must be in middle or high school to apply.

You will be notified of our decision on or about_________. You will be asked to attend our December concert to receive your award. All reward recipients will be asked to perform their prepared solo's during our May concert the following year.

The application is available from ______ to _______ 

Fill out the application completely and upload an audition number.

CONTACT our Scholarship Coordinator

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