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Music You Are A Friend Virtual Chorus Project

How - To

Step 1: Sign up to let us know you’re interested and get added to our email list


Click HERE to sign up and get added to our MYAAF (Music You Are A Friend) group email list, which will be used to keep everyone up to date and announce any changes.

Step 2: Check out and read instruction documents


Here is a list of all the documents and recordings you will need:


Step 3: Practice your part with the MYAAF “Reference Track”

Most people already know the song, but if you’re a little rusty, you can practice it by singing along with the reference track (which includes a scrolling version of the lyrics). Click HERE for the reference track. Kelly has also kindly provided Dropbox recordings for each part:

Note that you're not required to sing any particular part or follow the sheet music exactly -- if you're used to singing a certain harmony that doesn't match up with your part in the sheet music, feel free to go ahead and sing that.

Step 4: Record yourself singing your part


See the MYAAF Recording Instructions document (click HERE) for how to make your recording.

Step 5: Submit your recording

There are a few ways to submit your recording from your recording device:

  1. Upload the file to the MYAAF Google Drive folder by clicking HERE from your recording device and following the simple directions (press the "SELECT FILES FROM YOUR COMPUTER" button to specify your recording file).

  2. If your recording device has a web browser, go to from that device and specify sending your recording to

  3. Send an email to and specify the recording file as an attachment. (Note that many email apps will not let you send large files as attachments, so this method should only be used if you can't get the other methods to work.)


Include a short message which includes your name and any special information we might need. Also, let us know if you're submitting a video-only recording or separate recordings for video and audio. If you don't receive an acknowledgement that your recording has been received within 24 hours, please email to check on the status.


The deadline to submit your recording is Sunday December 6.

NOTE: If you need help with anything, please feel free to contact one of our "designated helpers":

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